TVET College Exam Timetable 2025

TVET College Exam Timetable 2025

TVET College Exam Timetable 2025

A TVET college Exam Timetable is a timetable that details the dates, timings, and locations of several exams held at a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college. TVET colleges provide practical and vocational education programmes that prepare students for specific industries and trades. Students at these colleges are assessed as part of the assessment process through tests that examine their grasp and application of the curriculum.

The exam timetable is an important part of the assessment process since it informs students and faculty members on when each test will be held.

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TVET College Exam Timetable 2025

A well-organized timetable is the foundation of a smooth and efficient examination procedure. It acts as a road map for both students and instructors, outlining when each exam will be held, the subjects being tested, and the allocated locations. TVET institutions provide an environment conducive to concentrated study and decrease stress for both students and staff members by painstakingly arranging and organising the test schedule.

The TVET Examination Table for Students is a resource and preparation tool for students, instructors, employees, departments, and other organisations. The schedule covers enrollment dates, class start dates, add/drop deadlines, exam dates, and other important information. Below are TVET College’s exam timetable for the 2024 academic year;

National Certificate Vocational(NCV):

Term 1

  • Supplementary Examinations: 13 February- 08 March

Term 3

  • 14 days for Internal Examinations

Term 4

  • Life skills and Computer Literacy(p2): 01-07 November
  • Examinations: 08 November-08 December.

REPORT 191: Business And Utility Studies:

Semester 1-Term 2:

  • 23 May-June 23

Semester 2- Term 4:

  • 08 November- 08 December

Report 191:Natural Science Studies:
 Trimester 1: 27 March- 20 April

Trimester 2:

  • 28 July- 18 August

Trimester 3:

  • November 20- December 8

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