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How To Check TVET Colleges Results 2025

TVET Colleges results are most often uploaded on the official website of the TVET College and also forwarded to the student’s online portal. To check your results at TVET Colleges;

  • Go to the college website
  • Select online registration
  • Go to registered users
  •  Select student, and then enter your student number and pin
  • Select the student inquiry
  • Select Academic record
  • Tick the qualification that you wish to see the result of
  • The result will appear to be displayed on the screen for the qualification that has been selected
  • Click on the file to store, and print to print your results

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TVET Colleges Results General Information 2025

The National Examination and Assessment Directorate is in charge of administering and managing assessments in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges and Community Education.

The tasks span from registering applicants for test sittings and appointing panellists to creating, publishing, and distributing question papers, culminating in the grading, results, and accreditation of both TVET colleges.

  • The exams secretariat is responsible for compiling examination results;
  • The compilation is based on grades/marks provided by module facilitators and moderators/external examiners.

The following processes govern the release of final examination results:

  • The final examination results have been formally announced by the Institute’s Chairperson on behalf of the Council
  • Examination results have been posted on noticeboards across the Institute’s premises and on the Institute’s website.

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Contact Details For TVET Colleges

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For more information visit the TVET Colleges official website