How Many TVET Colleges Are There In South Africa

How Many TVET Colleges Are There In South Africa

How Many TVET Colleges Are There In South Africa

In South Africa, there exists a network of over 50 public TVET colleges dispersed throughout the country’s provinces. These colleges serve as central hubs for technical and vocational training, offering a diverse range of courses and certifications tailored to meet the demands of the labour market. They cater to a varied demographic, including recent school graduates, adults seeking career advancement, and individuals aiming to reskill or upskill in response to changing industry needs. By providing hands-on training and imparting industry-relevant skills, TVET colleges effectively bridge the gap between education and employment, ensuring that graduates are adequately prepared to contribute meaningfully to the workforce.

These TVET Colleges operate on around 364 campuses distributed across the country’s rural and metropolitan areas. Public TVET Colleges are founded and maintained by the Department of Higher Education and Training under the jurisdiction of the Continuing Education and Training Act 16 of 2006.

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TVET Colleges In South Africa Admission Requirements 2024-2025

Academic requirements differ based on the degree of education you want to pursue in South Africa. The general admission requirements for TVET Colleges are listed below;

  • Bachelor Degree

A National Senior Certificate is required for admission to the Bachelor’s degree program (NSC). The Matriculation Board on behalf of HESA issues a certificate of exemption from the matriculation endorsement requirement, or a university of technology issues a conditional admission certificate.

  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration

A Bachelor’s degree or honours degree in the relevant discipline, as well as outstanding academic achievements, are the minimum entry requirements for the Master’s degree.

  • Doctorate Degree

A Master’s degree or an equivalent degree from a professional institution is the minimum entry criterion for the Doctorate Degree.

Required Documents to Apply At TVET Colleges in South Africa

Certified copies of the following documents must be provided to apply for admissions at TVET Colleges in South Africa;

  • Birth Certificate/Identity Document (Proof of application for new ID/Passport)
  • Certificates/Qualifications
  • Recent Academic results
  • Municipal billing document/other account statements (not older than 3 months)
  • A valid study permit (Foreign national students)
  • The South African Qualification Authority’s (SAQA) Evaluation Certificate (foreign qualifications).

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How to apply For TVET Colleges in South Africa

Follow the steps below to apply online at TVET Colleges in South Africa;

Step 1: Get your application form.

All new applications are online on the official website of the college. Download the online application form published on the official website of the college to complete it.

Step 2: Complete your application form in full

Verification of e-mail, ID and cell phone number. Your ID, e-mail and cell phone is used to authenticate you.

Step 3: Attach all supporting documents.

All applicants starting a new qualification are required to upload the following certified documents:

Step 4: Submit your application

A confirmation email will be sent to you with all the application information.

How Many TVET Colleges Are There In South Africa

Below is a comprehensive list of TVET Colleges in South Africa;

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How Many TVET Colleges Are There In South Africa

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