Insurance Quote Learner Driver

Insurance Quote Learner Driver

Insurance Quote Learner Driver

Acquiring the appropriate provisional insurance is essential whether you are receiving driving lessons from family members or friends. It is a legal requirement for anyone operating a vehicle to be insured. While many professional driving schools include insurance within their lesson packages, if you intend to practice on your vehicle or someone else’s, you will need to secure your insurance coverage.

Learner driver insurance is crucial for learners as it enables them to gain valuable on-road experience in preparation for their driving test. This insurance offers protection in the event of accidents or damages occurring while the learner is driving. However, with access to the right information and guidance, obtaining insurance quotes as a learner driver need not be a daunting task. This article provides valuable insights on how to secure an insurance quote as a learner driver at a competitive rate.


Understanding Driver Learners Insurance


Requirements for Learner Driver Insurance Quote

  • You must have a current provisional driving licence
  • You must be a permanent resident aged between 17-35 (age range will differ between policies)
  • You must have no motoring offences or convictions
  • The vehicle must be registered with a current MOT and no modifications
  • The car must not be worth more than a certain amount

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