Cheap Car Insurance Quotes For New Drivers

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes For New Drivers

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes For New Drivers

Starting to drive is super exciting! but finding cheap car insurance can be tricky, especially for new drivers. Insurance companies often charge more for new drivers because they think they’re more likely to get into accidents since they’re still learning.

For teenagers just starting to drive, the most affordable car insurance companies are USAA ($320 per month) and State Farm ($394 per month). If you’re a new adult driver, USAA ($124 per month) and State Farm ($131 per month) are still your best bets for keeping costs down. On average, teens might have to pay around $420 each month for insurance, while adults without any past insurance history might pay about $161 per month.

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How Age Impacts Car Insurance Rates

Insurance companies take age into serious account when deciding how much you pay for car insurance. For new drivers, a few things make their insurance rates higher:

  • Inexperience: New drivers are seen as more risky because they’re young and haven’t been driving for long.
  • Risky behaviour: Inexperienced drivers often do more dangerous things on the road, like speeding, texting while driving, or even driving under the influence.
  • Accident rates: Younger drivers statistically get into more accidents.
  • Vehicle type: Young drivers often like flashy, expensive cars that cost more to insure compared to cheaper options like sedans or minivans.
  • Peer influence: Insurance companies might think that young drivers get distracted more easily when they have friends in the car, leading to more accidents and higher costs.

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How To Get Cheap Car Insurance Quote

Cutting down car insurance costs for new drivers might seem tough, but there are effective ways to bring those premiums down. Check out these tips to save money on your insurance rates:

  • Shop Around: Different insurers have different prices. Compare rates from various companies to find the most affordable one for you, even if you have similar driving records and demographics.
  • Keep a Clean Record: Avoiding accidents and traffic violations helps maintain a clean driving record, which, in turn, can keep your insurance costs lower.
  • Join Your Parent’s Policy: Consider joining your parent’s insurance. This often gets you a multi-car discount, and the good driving history of your parent might result in lower rates for you.
  • Choose a Safer Car: Opt for a vehicle with more safety features. Generally, cars like SUVs and sedans have lower insurance rates compared to sports cars or high-performance vehicles.
  • Driver Discounts: Inquire about discounts specifically for new drivers and students, like the good student discount. Every bit of savings helps!
  • Driver Training Course: Take a defensive driving course to refresh your road safety skills. Many insurers reward completion of such courses with lower insurance rates.

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Cheap car insurance quotes for new drivers involve taking proactive steps. To unlock significant savings, new drivers must grasp the factors affecting premiums and adopt smart strategies such as comparing quotes and keeping a clean driving record. Visit the official website for more information. Hope the provided information is helpful, share your thoughts below in the comment section.


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