Durban TVET Colleges

Durban TVET Colleges

Durban TVET Colleges

A network of institutions is hard at work in the dynamic beach city of Durban, South Africa, to define the future of education and skill development. The Durban Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges are a network of schools that are altering the educational landscape by providing a diverse range of students with practical, career-focused training.

Durban TVET Colleges have become a cornerstone of South Africa’s educational system, with a dedication to developing talented professionals who contribute meaningfully to the workforce and the community. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is a type of education that focuses on practical skills and hands-on learning. It provides students with the information and skills necessary to enter the job or seek higher education in certain sectors.

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Programs /Courses Offered At TVET Colleges In Durban

Durban TVET Colleges provide a diverse range of programmes and courses aimed at providing practical, job-oriented education in a variety of subjects. These programmes cater to a wide range of interests and career objectives, ensuring that students have the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their chosen industry. The following are some of the most common programmes and courses available in Durban TVET Colleges:

  • National Certificate Vocational (NCV)

This is a new and modern qualification that is geared towards responding directly to the needs of the workplace. It involves high-quality training and placement of students at the relevant stations. Some of the courses offered under these are:

Business Studies

  • NCV: Finance, Economics and Accounting
  • NCV: Marketing
  • NCV: Management
  • NCV: Office Administration
  • NCV: Information Technology and Computer Science

Engineering Studies

  • NCV: Civil Engineering & Building Construction (Masonry/Plumbing/Carpentry)
  • NCV: Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • NCV: Engineering and Related Design (Automotive/Fabrication/Fitter and Turner)

General Studies

  • NCV: Education and Development
  • NCV: Hospitality
  • NCV: Primary Agriculture
  • NCV: Tourism

Nated (Report 191)

Apart from the NCV, we also have courses offered under the Nated Report. These are major engineering and business courses that are offered under the National Higher Education Department. They include:

Business Studies N4 – N6

  • Nated: Financial Management
  • Nated: Human Resource Management
  • Nated: Management Assistant
  • Nated: Marketing Management
  • Nated: Public Management
  • Nated: Tourism

Engineering Studies N1 – N6

  • Nated: Civil Engineering
  • Nated: Electrical Engineering
  • Nated: Mechanical Engineering
  • Nated: Multi-Disciplinary Drawing Office Practice/Draughting

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